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תכנית מסע תפילה של למדני
"Early education serves as the groundwork and cornerstone for the subsequent phase of adolescence, laying the essential preparation and foundation. These formative years play a pivotal role in shaping one's character and establishing enduring spiritual patterns that resonate throughout their entire life."
 Rebbe of Slonim in 'Paths of Education,' p. 12
תכנית מסע תפילה של למדני

Founding Lamdeni

Today’s manifold challenges have shaken Jewish education’s foundations, eliciting identity crises amongst youths. While dilemmas abound, tapping this transitional moment as an opportunity remains vital. Established in 2010, Marco Schleichter’s “Lamdeni” seeks to guide students as they explore their cultural lineage through thecustom-tailored engagement with Jewish traditions. Holistic curricula take shape collaboratively to resonate with individual cohorts.

Lamdeni Model

While all Jewish schools allocate a certain number of hours towards Jewish studies, curricula between institutions vary greatly. The Lamdeni team collaborates with the teaching staff at every school in an effort to construct comprehensive, tiered programming that maximizes impact within the existing frameworks. A methodical sequencing of subjects over the years ensures the delivery of desired content through processes designed to enhance motivation, thereby preventing repetitive exposure and maintaining a dynamic learning experience.. Today’s youths’ priorities and society’s postmodern landscapeare constantly shifting. Using this insight, Lamdeni’s tactically updated materials are delivered through advanced pedagogies that deepen resonance and improve knowledge retention. In the midst of increasing societal complexities, students can anchor their identity through education by elevating context alongside content..

 תכנית מסע תפילה של למדני

What Does the Lamdeni Team Offer?

The learned team consists of experts in the field of Jewish education in the Diaspora, and is led by Marco Schliachter, an expert in processes in the field of Jewish education in the world on behalf of the Jewish Agency for many years.


a twelve-year spiral curriculum, and

revisiting topics


new lenses

Shaping students’

skills and personalities

via diverse exposures

Nurturing social-emotional learning, self-expression, and critical thinking

Developing    innovative teaching methods jointly with educational teams

Integrating  content from Jewish sources and tradition

Building modular study programs tailored to each school’s needs

Constructing plans adapted to teaching hours and each school’s ”hashkafah”

Fostering unity through year-long central themes

צילום מסע תפילה במסגרת תכנית מסע תפילה של למדני

Unique Aspects of the Lamdeni Method

Student - centered topic selection, sequencing, and presentation

Twelve-year spiral plans

Interactive dilemmas combining sources, stories, and reflective discourse

Identity-building and enhancing Jewish connections

Cross - generational Jewish dialogues

Analytical skills for navigating diverse worldviews

Complex ethical explorations to formulate values

Teacher training, guidance, and empowerment

The Lamdeni Team

Lamdeni Team
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