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מסע למדבר במסגרת תכנית מסע תפילה שמפעילה למדני

Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora

Spiral Curriculum for Teaching Judaism in Schools

Study Programs for Teaching Jewish Studies

Lamdeni addresses the educational challenges Jewish schools in Israel and around the world are currently facing. Our team at Lamdeni is dedicated to devising distinctive solutions, which encompass crafting tailored study plans for schools, providing teacher training, offering continuous professional development, and delivering pedagogical guidance throughout the academic year. Lamdeni's core expertise lies in the creation of spiral curriculums, along with various smaller-scale educational programming. 

The Lamdeni team comprises rabbis, educators, lecturers and seasoned pedagogical professionals, all of whom bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise. Over the years, Lamdeni has led educational programs in a number of countries, including Turkey, France, Switzerland, and Israel. Our diverse programs have positively impacted dozens of teachers and hundreds of students all around the globe. 

למדני - תכניות לימוד ספירליות

Our Programs

The Guidance Program constitutes a comprehensive educational framework designed to aid the school team in attaining specific predetermined objectives through collaborative and coordinated efforts.

Ohr Torah School, Toulouse

“ We gratefully recall the impactful professional development sessions Lamdeni facilitated for our staff. These sessions proved highly effective, benefiting both our staff and students....

Recognizing the recurring themes in Jewish studies that accompany students throughout their school years, Lamdeni presents the concept of tiered spiral programs spanning these educational milestones. These thoughtfully crafted programs empower teaching staff to delve into and broaden subjects based on students' evolving levels. Importantly, they prevent redundancy, ensuring a dynamic and progressive learning experience. For samples of additional units, feel free to reach out to us.

Curricular Units

למדני - יחידת לימוד לדוגמה בנושא חג חנוכה והשלום

Hanukkah and Peace  Grade 11

Judaism, beyond being a philosophy, is a practical way of life. Consequently, the sages frequently provided practical laws to offer guidance in our daily lives. At times, they established priorities and preferences when faced with dilemmas involving conflicting commandments or values.

In this unit, we will explore a noteworthy halachic dilemma: Shabbat candles or Hanukkah candles—which takes precedence and why.

למדני - יחידת לימוד לדוגמה בנושא כוחו של המדבר

The Power of the Desert  8th Grade, Lesson 2


Why was the Torah revealed in the desert?

Why not choose a symbolic location within the Land of Israel for its revelation? 

Considering the Torah's significance to the people of Israel, one might expect its revelation to occur in a place destined to remain holy for generations, on a specific date for annual celebration.

Throughout this unit, we aim to unravel the profound message behind the Torah being bestowed in such a manner. What makes the desert uniquely significant in this context?

The Lamdeni Team

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